Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I've been busily finding e-Zine and newsletters, here are some links I like:

ZDNET E-Zine - Downloads Digest []
Description: IT Technology e-Newsletter
Description: Microsoft PowerPoint e-Newsletter

SEEK News []
Description: Employment e-newsletter
Description: Computer software/technology e-Zine
Description: Work/lifestyle e-Zine
Description: Management & HR Articles e-Zine (Canada)
Description: e-Learning Trends & Developments e-Zine (Canada)

Note to self:

Find an e-letter/e-Zine that touches upon emotional intelligence/learning styles aspect of training.

P.S. I can see how I can use this to track the scraps of knowledge that I usually write down or enter into MS Outlooks Notes section. Because the blog has a "show post containing" search area, I can see myself suggesting/recommending a Blog to people as a quick and dirty knowledge bank for those who wish to create & share a web based knowledge database (say on Excel or Access applications)