Thursday, March 27, 2003

For the first time I have started to interact with a HR training company for work, rather than working for a stricly IT training company. The HR/hospitality focused company has a totally different outlook on training. I have also noticed a lack of "knowingness" about all things related to IT. It's as if the Manager has chosen to remain removed from IT and e-learning. In addition she appeared to be somewhat pleased with this impression I was receiving. Is there something I'm missing? Has IT always been considered the "poor relation" of training?

I found this theme repeated in the literature I have read so far. It's as if IT and training don't mix unless the training is on using computer applications. This was evidenced by one reading whch implores trainer to stop being afraid and start affiliating themselves with e-Learning by forming connections with people in the IT section of the organisation.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Hi Denise!
Interesting observations about resistance to e-Learning! Does it also raise questions about the quality of the text books and online help - what impact would this have for online courses? If they're not well designed and engaging - they're just not going to work!
Cheers - Anne BB

Saturday, March 22, 2003

I have been delivering a lot of face to face training this week; and I am realising that for some people e-Learning may never work. I met a woman in one of my classes this week. This woman needed to challenge and query the trainer (me). She said she had a block with maths/formulas (in Excel); the text books and online explanations just didn't "do it for her". I suspect she also had a block with online learning fullstop and her aggression masked her lack of success with understanding this part of the application.

It would be interesting to scope an e-Learning program for Excel and see if it meets the needs of learners with vastly different learning styles.

P.S. Is there a spell checker with blogger???

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I've been busily finding e-Zine and newsletters, here are some links I like:

ZDNET E-Zine - Downloads Digest []
Description: IT Technology e-Newsletter
Description: Microsoft PowerPoint e-Newsletter

SEEK News []
Description: Employment e-newsletter
Description: Computer software/technology e-Zine
Description: Work/lifestyle e-Zine
Description: Management & HR Articles e-Zine (Canada)
Description: e-Learning Trends & Developments e-Zine (Canada)

Note to self:

Find an e-letter/e-Zine that touches upon emotional intelligence/learning styles aspect of training.

P.S. I can see how I can use this to track the scraps of knowledge that I usually write down or enter into MS Outlooks Notes section. Because the blog has a "show post containing" search area, I can see myself suggesting/recommending a Blog to people as a quick and dirty knowledge bank for those who wish to create & share a web based knowledge database (say on Excel or Access applications)

Saturday, March 08, 2003

This e-Learning course has allowed me to observe different perspectives in regard to e-Learning. Amongst other things, I am looking forward to the learning styles topic.

It's interesting to note the different comments/observations from participants on what "works" for them in regard to e-Learning. I'm also looking forward to the case studies; maybe it's human nature, but I think the case studies where e-Learning project struck problems will be more interesting than perfect case scenarios of implementation.